9 Categories of Listening to Jazz

I created these 9 categories to help myself and you to be able to reflect in a deeper way on the music that we are hearing.  Each song that we hear may fall into one of the categories below.  It could fall into many of the categories at the same time, depending on context. 

  1. Emotional Dwelling (To Mirror Your Mood)
  2. Emotional Elevation (To Feel Better)
  3. Emotional Reverie (To Dream, Remember and Reflect)
  4. Emotional Innovation (To Experience Something New)
  5. Emotional Galvanization (To Inspire to Take Action)
  6. Emotional Tone-setting (To Intentionally Create an Vibe)
  7. Emotional Soothing (To Calm and Give Solace)
  8. Emotional Justice (Process News/Events in the Outside World)
  9. Emotional Transcendence (To Connect with the Divine)

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