Honoring Female Soldiers in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, I continue to learn more about this complex conflict and the myriad, nuanced ramifications which are resultant from it. This week, I read an article about female soldiers in Ukraine (https://www.businessinsider.com/female-ukrainian-soldiers-suffer-lack-of-womens-resources-report-2023-7?am).  There are approximately 60,000 female troops in Ukraine.  These female soldiers are dealing with uniforms and body armor that is too big and lack of access to medication for female health issues, such as yeast infections.  Women in the Ukraine army, I learned, also fight up to 7 months pregnant.  Just let that sink in for a minute. 

I feel so sad and powerless about the war in Ukraine continuing, and I feel angry that it unnecessarily continues.  (However, I am trying to keep Putin in my heart-pray for him!) Reading about these female soldiers, I felt a mix of shock and despair at what they have to endure, empathy, compassion, admiration, and also a deep hope that this war is over as soon as possible.  I was shocked at first to learn that pregnant women fight in the army up to 7 months pregnant.  And what irony: a pregnant woman, bringing life into the world, must possibly fight to her and her own fetus’s death. This is heartbreaking to contemplate.  When I read this story, I felt so compelled by it.  As a woman and a mother, I feel so much awe for these female soldiers who risk their lives and their unborn babies’ lives, for their country.  There isn’t much I can do here other than pray and meditate, and donate money.  Please join me.  And let us keep our souls fortified with some lovely jazz, as always. 

Jazz Therapy Weekly Meditation

In this week’s meditation, we will:

-Send positive energy to all female troops in Ukraine

-Set the intention that the war end soon

Jazz Therapy Playlist and Commentary: Honoring Female Soldiers in Ukraine via Cootie Williams

Emotional Dwelling (To Mirror Your Mood)

“Round Midnight,” Cootie Williams

Emotional Elevation (To Feel Better)

“You Talk A Little Trash,” Cootie Williams, Presenting Cootie Williams, 1957

Emotional Innovation (To Experience Something New)

“Tutti for Cootie-Live at C’ote D’Azure, France 07/26/1966,” The Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington C’ote D’Azure Concerts on Verve, 1967.

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Cootie Williams (July 10, 1911 – September 15, 1985)

A passionate, deep-feeling trumpeter, Williams spent decades on and off in Duke Ellington’s band.  His sound was deep, guttural, playful, intense, playful, and swingin’.

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